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Sky TV – Mother of Invention

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Objective Productions” are producing a series of programmes called “Mother of Invention” for broadcast on Sky.  There’s nothing about it yet on their website, but they are looking for inventors with original and innovative designs – people who are passionate about inventing.  They are also looking for situations in which they can help.  The help is unlikely to be in direct financial terms, but they say they will help with “setting up meetings, finding designers, perhaps funding, or launching a product”.  In other words, the assistance offered will be tailored to the invention and the inventor, and will depend on what stage the invention is at.


Filming is due to start in 5-6 weeks and the programme will be broadcast around September.  They will feature about 4-5 inventions per programme, so each invention will get a decent amount of airtime.  Applying is easy – no application form, just an email to to tell them a bit about the invention, what stage it is at, and what help would be most useful at this stage.  I would get them to sign an NDA first.  They have 8 programmes to fill, so probably any invention that makes good TV is likely to get included.


They want inventions from private inventors (not companies), preferably things that viewers will relate to easily (i.e. not large industrial applications or processes) – ideally consumer products.  They are interested in everything from early to late stage, provided a patent application has already been filed, and they would like some from inventors who are really trying to do it “on a shoestring”.


If you have any concerns about confidentiality, they are happy to sign an NDA to cover initial discussions.  I’ve seen their standard NDA and it does contain the provision that “To the extent that we do ultimately include any Confidential Information in the Programme, we shall only do so to the extent that you have expressly agreed in writing.”


As overall winner of Sky TV’s last invention programme “The Big Idea”, I’m happy to advise inventors on how to approach Objective Productions.  But don’t delay too much as I think they need some strong candidates in good time for filming next month.

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Angie Campbell

    My idea is for a party cover that will fit into the disposable market that is adjustable the covers are called Sit-on-it
    The Sit-on-it covers are made from a flannel backed Non woven/ Disposable material (but are equally suited to a wide range of other materials) The Sleeve and Seat area of Sit-on-it Cover have a novel adjustable seam allowing the cover to be easily adjusted once over the chair. The benefit of this is “One Cover” will fit a lot of different size/shape of chair. The appeal of these covers would increase if they where themed for occasions such as Birthdays/Halloween/Christmas etc
    Sit-on-it covers have the added benefit of a patent draft ####################################### which if optimised could see these brilliant little covers come to life.
    I am very much working on a shoestring and have been working alone on this idea for the best part of eighteen months … i would be grateful if you could take a look at a product plan and tell me how i can set it out for the best results when approaching a direcor/production team in the future many thanks Angie

    April 17th, 2012 Reply
    • Julian Peck

      Hi Angie,

      You need to be wary of public disclosure. I’ve obliterated your text where you told me what features are in your draft patent application as otherwise you would not be able to claim these features after posting your comment on the Innoverce website, as that would constitute public disclosure.

      Please contact me by email if you wish to discuss how best to present this to Objective Productions.


      May 4th, 2012 Reply
  • Denis Bridges

    Hi. Innoverce. I have submitted two inventions to Objective Productions, Mother of invention.

    Own written patents, are ready to be applied for.

    There are prototypes for both these consumer products.

    I would welcome any comments that would help me with IP issues when involved with a Sky broadcasting medium,
    and any other things that I should be aware of.

    Thank you

    Best regards… Denis Bridges

    0151 260 4379

    April 29th, 2012 Reply
  • Julian Peck

    Hi Denis,

    You will have signed an NDA with Objective Productions, which requires them to keep your inventions confidential. This means they will require your permission before they can broadcast anything about your inventions. You should apply for both patent applications before you give Objective Productions permission to broadcast anything about your inventions, as you will not be able to apply for patents after the inventions have been disclosed in public, eg by broadcasting.


    May 4th, 2012 Reply