Bridging the gap between product concept and commercial success, the “zero to hero” chasm requires a range of skills, plus time and tenacity.  It does not require significant amounts of money.  In our experience the right idea being commercialised by the right team will always attract external finance.

Open Innovation and Technology Transfer are two sides of the same coin.  The universities where so much new technology is developed talk in terms of Tech Transfer; the corporations who now recognise that they must look beyond their own employees and labs for the innovations that will enable their next generation of products talk of Open Innovation.  In between lie organisations like Innoverce which facilitate that process, ensuring that the arrangements are beneficial and balanced between the parties.  Tools may include licensing or the use of new-style ‘soft’ legal agreements.

Innoverce has experience of and can support:

  • ideation and imagineering
  • patenting and licensing
  • market research
  • business planning and finance raising
  • product development (design, engineering, prototyping)
  • sourcing and manufacturing
  • testing and certification
  • marketing, distribution and sales
  • sourcing and strategic alliances in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong

Constructive discontent

It sounds like an oxymoron, but constructive discontent is what lies behind many inventions.  The spark of invention arises when …


Disruptive innovation

“Disruptive Innovation” has become a real buzzphrase, and has lost much of its meaning.  Isn’t all innovation disruptive?

Julian Peck

With a passion for innovation, Julian set up Innoverce in 1995 to help individuals and companies to commercialise their innovations.


Nick Brasier

Nick is a business manager with experience ranging from start-ups to large multinationals. With expertise in product management & marketing, …

Innoverce is dedicated to doing innovation in Newcastle, and to supporting innovation throughout the North East.