Innoverce has a portfolio of collaborative projects and consultancy assignments


Consultancy Assignment

D-Line hired Innoverce in June 2010 to review their product range and recommend innovative directions in which to broaden their product range for customers including B&Q.  Our approach was as follows:

1.   Reviewing the client’s existing product range and understanding the parameters that would govern the product range extension.

2.   Drafting a product specification for the ‘ideal’ product range extension concept.

3.   Generating a broad range of product concept ideas, then identifying two candidate product concepts that would satisfy the client’s requirements:

   –  Simple product requiring very little product development, targeted at a specific niche within the client’s market;

   –  More complex modular product system, with three implementation options.

4.   Producing detailed product specifications and initial 3D concept sketches of both product concepts, with suggested approach to development and detailed design.

Following this work by Innoverce, D-Line have gone on to develop the more complex modular product system.  This has been prototyped and is getting good customer feedback.  Production tooling will be ordered in the next few months.